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Fol, 1879

A small species. Trunk is short slightly pear-shaped, swollen posteriorly and depressed anteriorly. Mouth round, with tacticle hairs; there are no extended lips. Rectum vast, pear-shaped, occupying a big part of the digestive tract.
The short endostyle is located close to the mouth, with broadened proximal part. No anus visible.
Gonads located above the digestive tract, in the middle of the dorsal part of the trunk. The ovary is spherical, enveloped by the testis, except for the upper part.
Tail narrow near the body, gradually widening to moderately wide, bifurcated at the free end. Tail muscles very thin. The shape of the tail is characteristic for the species.

Trunk 0.45-0.5 mm. Tail length 1.5 mm. The oikopleurid house is 1.5-2.5 mm in diameter.

Depth range

Distribution in the North Sea
Central and northern North Sea; over the Norwegian Deep (in April-May entering there with warm and saline Gulf Stream water, >200m).

World distribution
A species of warm and temperate waters , occurring in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Also in the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.

Appendicularia sicula