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General introduction

The CD-rom Zooplankton and Micronekton of the North Sea was created as a first attempt to construct an easy-to-use identification key and database, which cover this vast and non-systematic group of very different animals from such a particular continental sea. The present volume provides the user with a picture key, text keys, and a multy-entry key, and with species descriptions, illustrations, literature references and distribution information. The keys and descriptions were composed with the aid of published literature.
There is a growing need for identification tools for the fauna and flora of the North Sea, which is subject of the government of its surrounding countries. The project was carried out as part of the ICES-KIS programme at the University of Amsterdam, aimed at generating a knowledge infrastructure to support science and education and as a service to the society.
The present work must be regarded as a "work in progress" and we invite the users to provide us with their comments and wishes.