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Kramp and Dumas, 1925

Umbrella cylindrical, with thin jelly and flat apex. With four radial canals.
Gastric peduncle absent, manubrium two-third as long as bell cavity, flask-shaped, cross-shaped in transverse section, twisted, the perradial edges all turned towards the same side; mesenteries well-developed. Mouth with four simple lips.
Gonads smooth, interradial, completely covering manubrium walls except in the perradii.
Four hollow perradial tentacles with tapering conical basal bulbs, each with a well-developed, ectodermal, abaxial spur; no ocelli.

Umbrella 10 mm high, 5 mm wide.

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea, between Norway and Shetlands.

World distribution
North Atlantic Ocean from Sargasso Sea to South of Iceland and North Norway.

[After Russell, 1955; Kramp, 1959]

Paratiara digitalis