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Haeckel, 1887

Shell thick-walled, with numerous (170-190) dimples separated by network of elevated prominent crests. In center of each plate a larger dimple with 2 aspinal pores, surrounded by corona of 10 or 12 smaller dimples, each with single pore (coronal and sutural alternately). All pores circular or roundish, nearly of same size. If shell quite regularly developed, with 50-60 sutural pores and 100-110 coronal pores (6 in each equatorial plate, 5 in each of other plates). Knobs of joining crests conical, each with simple short accessory spine. Radial main spicules compressed, at distal end spear-shaped, with rhomboidal, more or less hook-like apophyses, about as long as radius. Diameter of shell: 0.18 mm; of pores and bars: 0.01 mm.

Aconthaspis hastata