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Kramp, 1948

Apical projection short and broad, no apical canal. Umbrella up to 6.5 mm wide, 8 mm high, bell-shaped with pointed apex and fairly thin walls; manubrium barrel shaped, 2/3 of bell cavity; radial canals thick, with large vacuolated endodermal cells; gonads encircling manubrium, with perradial longitudinal depressions indicating gonad division (after Schuchert, 1996), or in 4 perradial masses separated in interradii (re-examination of South African material shows perradial gonads); main marginal tentacle long, very contractile, its terminal end bifurcated twice in 4 knobs covered with cnidocysts; opposite this a fairly long filiform tentacle; two short, conical lateral tentacles.

Euphysora furcata