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Bedot, 1904

Large, but thin, nectophores with a relatively large thrust block bearing 2 digitate processes at its base, on the ventral side. Apico-lateral ridges divide very close to the ostium. Distinct vertical lateral ridges define triangular facets on the outer sides of the large axial wings. Nectosac has muscle free region axially. All radial canals have a straight course and bear black pigmentation. Long, narrow foliaceous bracts, up to 25 mm in length, with one or 2 pairs of lateral teeth. Bracteal canal runs the entire length of the bract and terminates below an aggregation of cells (? nematocysts). Distinctive tentilla with uncoiled, powerfully armoured cnidoband, black in colour; a secondary, diverticular canal; and a pair of spots on the broad terminal filament.

Erenna richardi