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(Totton, 1954)

Anterior nectophore with a reticulated pattern of ridges and a velar ridge. Mouth plate divided with hydroecium extending above ostial level. Small ovoid somatocyst. Posterior nectophore and bract also with reticulated pattern of ridges. Phyllocyst of bract with swollen centre and a tapering irregular apico-dorsal process. Two canals run down into the neck shield.
This very distinctive species previously had been included in the diphyine genus Lensia, but recently its status has become uncertain. This is because of the presence of 2 canals in the neck shield of the bract (see Pugh and Pagès, 1995), which is a characteristic of the bracts of species of the family Clausophyidae. The nectophores, however, show typical diphyine characters and so Pugh and Pagès (1995) chose to erect a new diphyid subfamily to encompass the species.

Gilia reticulata