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van der Spoel, Schalk and Bleeker, 1992

Shell pyramidal, extremely broad, opaque. Lateral sides strongly diverging, top angle about 70°. Proximal part of lateral sides concave, distal part convex. Ventral side slightly convex, with one central longitudinal rib. Convex dorsal side with 3 ribs. Transverse section through shell narrow oval and slightly asymmetrical as dorsal side is vaulted higher than ventral side. Lateral sides sharp, not gutter shaped, with intricate pattern of growth lines. Besides growth lines, there is wavy transverse striation on ventral and dorsal sides. Dark purple footlobe and lips, large dorsal tentacles, wings black, large, thick and fleshy, posterior footlobe small. Dentition on the median plate strong. Protoconch I blunt and continuous with protoconch II and teleoconch without visible boundary. Shell length 13.5 mm, width 16 mm.

Clio piatkowskii