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Milne Edwards and Lucas, 1844

Zoea [Acanthocyclus gayi 1, Acanthocyclus gayi 2, Acanthocyclus gayi 3]
¥ Number of stages in the zoeal phase: 4.
¥ Morphological characters of first zoea [Table 8 First zoeae of Belliidae]:
Carapace with spinules on spines and all over carapace.
Posterodorsal border of 2nd - 5th abominal somite with minute spines + 2 setae.

Megalopa [Acanthocyclus gayi]
¥ Number of stages in the megalopal phase: 1.
¥ Morphological characters of megalopa [Table 16 Mgp Hymenosomatidae Atelecyclidae Beliidae Portunidae]:
Rostrum short/bilobed.
Carapace with protuberances.
Maxillule (mx1) endopod setation: 2, 4.
Maxilla (mx2) endopod setation: 7.
First maxilliped (mxp1) epipod setation: 8.
Third maxilliped (mxp3) epipod setation: 15.

Larval stages described by Fagetti and Campodonico, 1970.

Geographical distribution of adult
Occidental Atlantic: Argentina; not recorded along the Brazilian coast
Oriental Pacific: Chile.

Depth range of adult
Sublittoral zone.

Acanthocyclus gayi