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This module is organized according to major plankton groups presented in 29 traditional
‘chapters’ to facilitate overview and easy browsing; free search options support fast location of information on any of the pages. You can jump to a particular chapter from the Navigator as well as from this page. From any page in this module, you can return to this start page by clicking on the First button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Chapter 1. General biological features of the South AtlanticDemetrio Boltovskoy, Mark Gibbons, Lawrence Hutchings, and Denis Binet
Chapter 2. ForaminiferaSylvia Kemle-von Mücke and Christoph Hemleben
Chapter 3. AcanthariaRenate Bernstein, Stanley A. Kling and Demetrio Boltovskoy
Chapter 4. Radiolaria PolycystinaDemetrio Boltovskoy
Chapter 5. Radiolaria PhaeodariaStanley A. Kling and Demetrio Boltovskoy
Chapter 6. CiliophoraWolfgang Petz
Chapter 7. TintinnoineaViviana A. Alder
Chapter 8. HydromedusaeJean Bouillon
Chapter 9. SiphonophoraePhil R. Pugh
Chapter 10. Cubomedusae and ScyphomedusaeHermes W. Mianzan and Paul F.S. Cornelius
Chapter 11. CtenophoraHermes W. Mianzan
Chapter 12. NemertinaRay Gibson
Chapter 13. PolychaetaMaria Ana Fernandez-Alamo and Erik V. Thuesen
Chapter 14. HeteropodaGotthard Richter and Roger R. Seapy
Chapter 15. PteropodaSiebrecht van der Spoel and José R. Dadon
Chapter 16. CephalopodaKir N. Nesis
Chapter 17. Ctenopoda and Onychopoda (Cladocera)Takashi Onbé
Chapter 18. OstracodaMartin V. Angel
Chapter 19. CopepodaJanet M. Bradford-Grieve, Elena L. Markhaseva, Carlos E. F. Rocha and Bernardo Abiahy
Chapter 20. MysidaceaMasaaki Murano
Chapter 21. AmphipodaGeorgyi Vinogradov
Chapter 22. EuphausiaceaMark J. Gibbons, Vassily A. Spiridonov and Geraint A. Tarling
Chapter 23. Larval Decapoda (Brachyura larvae) — Gerhard Pohle, Fernando L.M. Mantelatto, Maria L. Negreiros-Fransozo, and Adilson Fransozo
Chapter 24. ChaetognathaJean-Paul Casanova
Chapter 25. AppendiculariaGraciela B. Esnal
Chapter 26. PyrosomatidaGraciela B. Esnal
Chapter 27. DoliolidaGraciela B. Esnal and María C. Daponte
Chapter 28. SalpidaGraciela B. Esnal and María C. Daponte
Chapter 29. Fish larvaeYasunobu Matsuura and Maria Pilar Olivar