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Large complex eyes; 4, 5 or 6 antennae.

(Family Alciopidae)
Small eyes; without antennae.

(Family Iospilidae)
Poorly developed eyes; 4 antennea. Tentacular cirri present; uniramous parapodia.

(Family Lopadorhynchidae)
Very small eyes; 4 antennae. 4 tentacular cirri; elongated pedal lobes on parapodia.

(Family Pontodoridae)
Simple eyes and one pair of antennae; 2nd segment with long cirriform appendages.

(Family Tomopteridae)
Without eyes or antennae. Nuchal organs present. Pygidium with a pair of flattened anal cirri.

(Family Typhloscolecidae)
Without eyes or antennae; 4 long tentacular cirri. No nuchal organs or flattened anal cirri.

Family Yndolaciidae)
Nine segments. Body and parapodia encased in transparent gelatinous sheath.

(Family Flotidae)
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