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Bigelow, 1913

Without exumbrellar cnidocyst ribs; marginal tentacle bulbs not laterally compressed. Umbrella up to 75 mm wide and high, bell-shaped, with rounded summit, without marked apical process, walls fairly thick; manubrium broad, 1/2 bell cavity; mesenteries about 4/5 of manubrium length; mouth rim cruciform, strongly folded and crenulated lips; gonads on entire interradial areas, forming very close-meshed irregular and complex network of ridges with pits in between; up to 25 marginal tentacles, marginal bulbs large, conical, not laterally compressed, clasping margin of exumbrella and with distinct abaxial spurs; without ocelli; subumbrella, manubrium, velum and tentacles deep brownish-red.

Pandea rubra